DevOps as-a-SERVICE
«» works with tech companies as a DevOps-as -a -service provider.
We help businesses set up continuous integration and continuous delivery, monitoring, alerting, data orchestration, and much more.
Learn how «» can contribute to your project.
50+ DevOps Projects
DevOps: Kubernetes, CI/CD, Docker, rancher, GCE, AWS
10+ DevOps Experts
IT professional who works with software developers, system operators (SysOps) and other production IT staff to oversee code releases and deployments.
Our service:
  • 1
    Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)
    Infrastructure unification
    IaaC is more clear and maintainable
  • 2
    Continuous Integration & Delivery
    Continuous Integration & Delivery
    Reducing the time between starting on a work item and its deployment
    Improving the quality of deliverable services and applications
  • 3
    Monitoring, Logging, Alerting
    Incidents logging and reporting
    Reducing mean time to detect failures
    Preventing services downtime
  • 4
    Configuration Management
    Application configuration unification between environments
    Reducing mean time to recover from failure
  • 5
    Automation & Orchestration
    Automating repetitive tasks
    Improving the quality of infrastructure operation routines
  • 6
    Infrastructure Security
    Data Security
    Threat Detection
    Supervision of Compliance
Why do companies order «» DevOps services?

The development team are professionals. But the human factor is the human factor. Therefore, errors always accumulate in development and infrastructure. As a result, product releases are constantly delayed and the quality of the final product deteriorates. If a lot of changes are rolled out in one release, it is difficult to figure out what caused the problems in production. And you have to modify the code over and over again to get a stable release.

We have been automating the build process and delivering code from developer to production for over 11 years. And we solve any problems in development and infrastructure.
Why are we?

Roll-out to production - success rate 60 times higher.
Average recovery time from failure - 168 times faster
Productivity, market share and profitability are twice as likely to improve.
Growth in the capitalization of the company's market value - 50% more in three years.
Information Security
Achievement of security goals is integrated into all stages of the development and operation processes - it takes half the time to fix the corresponding problems.
We have extensive experience in IT projects, we use the best practices. we can solve complex problems quickly.
How can we start?

Our experts visit the project, study the current state of affairs.
Develop automation and technology. Describe ci/cd. Create an environment.
If necessary, change or create infrastructure. Then your programmers will be able to do everything without us.

Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Helm, Jenkins, Gitlab
Our Team:
Professionals work every day to provide the best service and make our customers happy
  • Vsevolod Skirich
    Kubernetes, CI/CD, network, GlusterFS, Proxmox, GKE
  • Igor Kositsin
    Linux, Highload, CI/CD, network, web, Ceph, VMware, AWS, Ansible, Jenkins
Our Clients
What our clients say about us
Thank you for your work! I like working with a specific person who is responsible for the result. I am very lucky to have turned to Igor. Very clear and successful decisions. Assembled a cluster of computers, which made my site more resistant to loads. He proposed to develop codes for automatic execution of tasks. This is a cool thing! As before, I lived before. So, I am very grateful for the approach in the work. I wish you success! Keep it up! I recommend unequivocally!
Dmitry Agustin
I contacted the company to set up an accounting server. We conducted an audit, checked and gave us their recommendations. Everyone explained very simply. Yes, I suspected that it was time to change the server, but I want to save, and so it works somehow. According to calculations, I wasted no time, patience and money, too, in the end. I am glad that the guys offered a couple of solutions and we chose how we can implement all this. Now we have a new server and the work went differently, faster and easier. I've been fooling around for 3 years to solve everything in a week. Respect!
Alexander Marat
Turned just in time. Advertising paid, the site went down on the server. I ordered services hourly and did not lose with the company. Did a great job! Responded quickly, found and fixed the problem. The advertising campaign was saved and remained profitable, even with the elimination of the breakdown. So well done guys, they know their business 5+! Thanks again for helping to solve everything quickly!
Nino Beridze
I was looking for a good system. The administrator, after a long search and reading reviews, chose the remote option. Well, the choice is great, but instinct did not disappoint. Vsevolod and Igor are pros, I was convinced of this by my experience. The guys are great in tandem. Prices are democratic, the quality is high. Checked!
Oleg Kvasha
Запускала новый обучающий интернет-проэкт. Много людей, ответственность , мало времени. Когда сервер перестал выдерживать нагрузку и пошли сбои, обратилась за помощью сюда. Вот честно, довольна, что все быстро починили. Сбой пошел вечером, утром я еще надеялась, что это пройдет, но днем – однозначно задействовала специалистов. Вечер был прекрасным, без стресса) Всем рекомендую!
Наталья Гринченко
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Contact number: (063) 144-24-24
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